EASA ATPL Preparationon

EASA ATPL before Exam Preparation

- The amount of the approved ECQB (European Central Question Bank) as preserved by EASA is in the range of 10.000 - 12.000 questions. However, there are many other versions of the question bank in use by several Civil Aviation Authorities (CAAs). EASA ATPL Preparation

At Aviation exam we are trying our best to provide students from all countries using the EASA ECQB system with a test prep solutions that represents the ECQB as closely and precisely as possible – both in the wording of separate questions as well as in the overall database coverage of the entire EASA exam syllabus.

Therefore, because of the non-stop practice of some national CAAs still using their own adjustedversions of the EASA ECQB, the overall amount size of Aviation exam database (number of questions) is a little bit larger than the size of the major ECQB version managed by EASA.

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